2021 Taobao Jingdong Double Eleven The Ultimate Guide to Save Money

November 1st is here. Starting from today, Taobao and JD’s Double Eleven events have officially entered a white-hot stage. Some pre-booked goods can already be paid for, and there are also a large number of new discount promotions. Let’s share the ultimate strategy for saving money on Taobao’s Double Eleven.


Today, Tmall and JD activities continue to increase. The first wave of the Double Eleven Carnival spike event is about to start. The first hour is a berserk 0 yuan free order/half price discount, 30 yuan discount for every 200 yuan cross-store, JD 5. Super seckill discount, as low as 50% off all categories, 30% off for every 200 spent on Beijing Post.

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