floods in Australia

50,000 people evacuated due to floods in Australia

50,000 people evacuated due to floods in Australia

Due to the floods that hit the Australian city of Sydney, about 50,000 people were called to evacuate their homes.


Sydney, Australia’s third largest city, has had to content with the threat of flooding twice this year.


Eight months of rainfall fell in just four days in parts of the city.


Roads were closed due to flooding, some homes were flooded and thousands of people were left without power.

More than 20 people lost their lives this year in floods due to La Nina climatic conditions in many parts of Australia.

More than 100 evacuation orders have been issued in Sydney due to flooding, while people in more than 50 districts have been warned to be prepared for emergency evacuation.


Rainfall in the city is expected to decrease today, but it is stated that trees and electricity poles may fall due to strong winds and the state of emergency continues.


“We became flood experts”

Authorities are calling on the public to heed the evacuation warnings, saying they risk their own lives if they stay at home despite the warnings.


However, it is stated that the people are tired of living under constant evacuation warnings.


Tyler Cassel, who rescued his wife from her flooded house with the help of a canoe, states that they moved to their house in Sydney last year and they were told that there is a threat of flooding in the area where their house is located “every 50 years, 25 years in a row”.


“But there have already been three floods this year,” Cassel says. “We’re now flood experts in this area. We live on the edge.”


Experts say that floods are more frequent due to climate change and La Nina climate events.


La Nina is formed as a result of the warm waters on the surface of the Pacific Ocean being carried from South America to Indonesia by strong winds and these waters are replaced by cold surface waters.


La Nina causes torrential rain, cyclones and low daytime temperatures in Australia.


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