Bytedance announces open source microservice middleware CloudWeGo

On September 10th, a few days ago, ByteDance officially announced the open source CloudWeGo, which is a set of projects focusing on microservice communication and governance with the Go language as the core.

Currently, CloudWeGo has four project collections:

  1. Kitex: Kitex is the next generation of high-performance, highly scalable Golang RPC framework developed by ByteDance. In addition to rich service management features, it also integrates the self-developed network library Netpoll, supports multiple message protocols and multiple interaction methods, and provides a more flexible and extensible code generator.


  1. Netpoll: This is a high-performance, I/O non-blocking network framework based on Golang, focusing on RPC scenarios. It draws on the excellent design of evio and netty, has excellent performance, and is more suitable for microservice architecture.


  1. Thrfitgo: Thrift compiler implemented in Golang, supports plug-in mechanism, supports complete Thrift IDL syntax and complete semantic checking. Currently the backend supports Go language.


  1. Netpoll-http2: Based on the official HTTP2 source code, Netpoll is used to provide high-performance HTTP2 communication.


According to the person in charge of Bytedance related technology, CloudWeGo is not only an open source project, but also an enterprise-level super-scale practice project. “Through open source, we hope that CloudWeGo can enrich the Golang tool system of the cloud native community and provide more developers and enterprises. Build a cloud-native large-scale distributed system to provide a modern and resource-efficient technical solution.”


It is reported that the ByteDance infrastructure team will maintain a set of CloudWeGo code internally and externally to unify iterative evolution.

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